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Home Insurance

None of us know what life might have in store for us, so you will want to know that you and your home and its contents are protected should the worst happen.

A house is probably the single most expensive purchase you will ever make and therefore protecting one of your biggest assets is essential. There are two main types of home insurance:

Buildings Insurance

This covers not only the outside structure of the house itself but also its fixtures and fittings against loss or damage caused by events such as fire, flood and subsidence. Boundary structures that surround your property such as fences or walls can also be included along with outbuildings such as garden sheds or garages.

Contents Insurance

This covers items that are not a part of the fabric of your home, such as furniture, carpets, household goods and personal belongings, against loss or damage caused by risks such theft, fire, flood or vandalism. A contents policy will give you peace of mind that your costs will be met should you lose, damage or have any of your possessions stolen. Specific restrictions and exclusions will be confirmed within the policy key features.

Mortgage lenders require your building to be insured as a condition of the mortgage, and most homeowners will also insure their contents as well. Both policies can be extended to cover additional risks such as accidental damage.

Policies will vary and it is essential to discuss your requirements with us, so we can effectively advise on the best policy for you. Whether you need buildings insurance, contents insurance or both, AscentiaUK can advise on a range of property insurance policies that will ensure you can leave home with peace of mind!

Let us do the hard work and arrange your insurance for you.

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